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  • Tag 1: Probleme mit dem Getriebe des Lüfters führten zu Startverzögerungen. Können aber morgen wieder starten! lg Ingo & Werner

Auszug aus dem Rallye Bericht:

Rally Reports | The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016

JUNE 12TH, 2016 – Beijing to Datong

Ingo Strolz, here once again with Werner Gassner in car no 2, who, in 2013 had arrived in Paris with bleeding hands and the soles of his shoes burned almost beyond recognition today couldn’t make his start time because of a problem with some bolts holding the fan mounting assembly. Ever resourceful, Ingo, Werner and the sweeps set to with an electric drill and some taps and dies to sort the problem out. Unfortunately it was all to no avail and this big beast had to be trucked up to Datong for further remedial work. Down but certainly not out.



Bis 22.00 Uhr Kühlergetriebe repariert.